a.            Conduct the country‚Äôs foreign relations with the host government;

b.            Maintain and develop Philippine representation with the host government;

c.             Maintain and develop Philippine representation in the United Nations, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and other international and regional organizations represented in the Czech Republic;

d.            Serve as the channel for matters involving foreign relations, including official communications to and from the Republic of the Philippines;

e.            Negotiate treaties and other agreements pursuant to instructions of the President, and in coordination with other government agencies;

f.             Promote trade, investments, tourism and other economic activities with the Czech Republic, in cooperation with other government agencies and the private sector;

g.            Foster cultural relations with the Czech Republic and protect and enhance the image of the Philippines;

h.            Undertake activities in cooperation with other government agencies to inform the Czech nation and the international community represented in said country about the Philippines;

i.              Protect and assist Philippine nationals abroad;

j.             Carry out legal documentation functions as provided for by law and regulations;

k.            Monitor and analyze events in the Czech Republic and report them as appropriate to the President and other government agencies;

l.              Initiate, formulate, integrate and submit to the President short-medium, and long-range foreign policy plans and programs in cooperation with other government agencies;

m.           Perform such other functions as may be provided by law.